The Thrill & Pain of Success

G-force (gravity force) is the acceleration of an object compared to earth’s gravity.

When someone is merely standing, it is a 1-G environment where the earth’s gravity is pushing against the person.

Imagine a plane making a rapid 90-degree turn, it can create acceleration of up to 6 times earth’s gravity of 6-G.

In a 1-G situation the heart can easily generate blood to enable circulation in organs above the chest. However, if there is a sudden acceleration blood flows down to the legs making it difficult for heart to ensure circulation above chest which can result into a G-lock that can even kill a person.

The brain cells only have enough blood to keep it going for 4-seconds.

In untrained adults a 3G force is enough to destabilize the body.

A key part of pilot training hence is to teach breathing and muscle sensing techniques to keep the body going under extreme G-force.

Formulae 1 Drivers subject themselves to enormous forces every time they get behind the wheel, with straight-line accelerations and deceleration among the most savage of any form of motorsport; From a standing start the cars can pull around 2G and braking at the end of straights can results in as much as 6G at times. Around 1G of this comes purely from lifting off the throttle, and drivers have to apply around 160kg of force to the brake pedal to achieve the balance.

At the Tuscon grand prix in 2020, Lewis Hamilton posted 4.9G, 5.6G and 5.2G through turns 6.7 and 8 in practice.

Drivers need to strengthen their neck core and legs to meeting this challenge.

Not only that they need to be light to keep the weights of the car down and maximize speed of the car. To maintain this drivers, go for stringent diet taking a toll on their bodies and making them sick.

Hamilton has admitted losing 4kg in a single race.

Necks, Arms, Legs and Core need be in best shape for the formulae 1 driver and is a key factor in their fitness regime.

Drivers use weighted helmets to perform reps and build muscle mass. Capable of shifting 40kgs with their necks alone F1 drivers are supposed to have the strongest neks in the sport.

Why am I telling you all this?

Formulae 1 race appeals across age groups and genders for the fast thrills that it manages to create.

It’s great to see the drivers slugging it out for 90 mins and your favorite driver coming out a winner.

It’s not just formulae 1 for every sport or profession those who excel work very hard before they come out to deliver.

Outcome is Dependent on Preparation

They say XYZ became an overnight success in 10 years.

Those 10 years were the years of devotion to the craft which created the winner.

You want to achieve success you to prepare yourself and create a process which you follow with discipline to compete against the best.

Outcome is Visible

What we see is the outcome, what we miss is the process.

When the process is done well, outcome seems effortless.

That’s the beauty of a great process.

You can apply this to your profession, your daily routine or anything else in general.

There is no easy way out.

Even if you find one overtime you will realize it’s a “Zero Sum Game”.

What to Do?

  • If you don’t know, get a coach (all professional athletes have a coach), mentor, guide, advisor
  • Get to know your self-strengths, weaknesses, goals etc.,
  • Establish the roadmap
  • Take the pain to understand what you are getting into and its pros and cons
  • Develop your competencies or hire them

Remember, 90% of success will be off the field.

Finally stay the course.

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