A recent blog by @morganhousel titled “Fluke” made me think and inspired this write-up.

The author talks about how circumstances conspired to make him what he is today, the story that he shared with kids at a school recently.

Come to think of it,  was it really a fluke or just a discovery mechanism.

In the Indian religious epic “Ramayana” we read the story of how Lord Hanuman was reminded of his powers to fly.

While still a baby, Hanuman, the child of a nymph by the wind god, tried to fly up and grab the Sun, which he mistook for a fruit. Indra, the king of the gods, struck Hanuman with a thunderbolt on the jaw (hanu), thus inspiring the name. When Hanuman continued to misbehave, powerful sages cursed him to forget his magic powers, such as the ability to fly or to become infinitely large, until he was reminded of them.

During the search for maa Sita the time came to cross the ocean, Jamavanth said among them Hanuman is only able to cross the ocean and reminded him how he was born of Vayu (Air) and possess special powers. After the reminder the curse broke and His powers again increased.

Sweet Accidents

Getting something unexpected and nice can happen.

The key in life often, however, is not about the gift that you got accidentally but to know what to do with the gift and that is not accident.

Whatever you like to call it, the “it” factor or the “x” factor or competence, that’s inherent.

A sweet accident might just give you the opportunity to use it and make the most of it.

 In the recently concluded Ashes (between England & Australia, for those uninitiated in Cricket), Usman Khwaja, got to make a comeback to the Australian team only because the regular opener, Travis Head tested positive for covid.

He struck centuries in both the innings of the match making the most of the accident that put him back on the pitch.

A “Fluke” that’s me

The reason I could relate to the author’s story is because it reminds me of how I started my journey towards what I do today 17 years back.

My then boss was responsible for getting the Financial Planning Standards Board granting the “Certified Financial Planner” certificate to India.

For whatever reasons or maybe he saw my time as most expandable, he told me to represent on the board and the education committee of FPSB.

When I went for the first meeting, I had no idea what is “Estate planning”, however given the young age and the enthusiasm to not fail at the task, I started learning and hence began my journey to be a “Family Office Manager” today from being an HR Manager then.

Yes, the opportunity was a “fluke”, however the ultimate outcome, I don’t believe was a fluke.

Unless I had the interest and dedication to do a good job, it would not have worked out giving me an alternate career that I love.

So the “realization” that I can do justice happened because of “fluke” but I guess you need the fluke to open your eyes to possibilities.

I am happy today that the “fluke” happened to me.

Thank you for reading

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