Ever wondered why do highways use 1/4 mile increments when car odometers only supply tenths?

At 60 miles an hour, that is about a mile a minute.

At that speed, if a signs were posted at each tenth of a mile, you’d be seeing a sign once every six seconds. On the highway, such frequency and accuracy are unnecessary, in addition to serving no practical purpose. It’s like closely monitoring the second hand on your watch.

I think it’s a “rule of thumb” type thing. How many people compare their odometers to the road signs for precision.

“Alright. It says 3/10 of a mile … wait a tick! What’s that?

My odometer says 5/12 of a mile!!

The point of road signs is to basically say, “Hey, you there! There’s this thing ahead. Pay attention.” And, “Hey, I said this once, I’m saying it one last time, there’s this thing ahead. Pay attention!”

Also If you crash, they use those markers to know where you are on the interstate. You should be exact as you can when telling (the emergency line that you called) your location. They need to know where you are in order to send an emergency vehicle out to you.

Also, yeah. You can tell how close you are to the next exit.

They are not useless, they can be lifesaving.

Does everything need to be logical?

Maybe/maybe not, however it is useful to think logically about everything.

It’s like Plato thought, if it has happened, it must be real, while Aristotle wanted everything to be proven for him to believe it.

The key here is some people look for a logical explanation and evidence before making up their mind while for others it is just another happening that they don’t need to worry about.

Usually people have too many challenges then to think about-

Why sun rises in the east, why the sky is blue etc., etc.,.

While there are others who have devoted their lives to answering such questions.

How Does it Concern me?

Not everything concerns, excites you, draws or even deserves your attention.

However, if you are expected to or want to achieve/deliver/do something, not knowing the logic doesn’t help.

Ultimately, almost all of us can conjecture about reasons for something, however having evidence improves the outcome and our understanding of it.

For example in investing, you don’t have to check the markets (odometer), every 6 seconds, in-fact not checking the odometer at all for long intervals, might help you even more.

However, knowing:

  • Where you are headed?
  • The distance and the direction?
  • The risk and the rewards?
  • As also when to look at the odometer and defining a logic for the same can help successfully navigate the journey.

So while you might not have a need to understand the logic of everything that happens around you, thinking about almost everything you do around developing the competence to navigate the journey in a logical manner might help.

Thanks for Reading

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