I Know……

I know that just because an event has happened thrice in a row doesn’t mean it will not happen a 4th time or that it is bound to happen for a 4th time, but I still get seduced by the idea that there is a pattern here.

Just because roulette wheel has landed on red thrice in a row, there is no guarantee that it will happen again or that it has happened enough times and will not happen again.

The wheel has no memory.

I know that I am my own enemy.

I deserve what I get and get what I deserve.

Its, my efforts, behavior and results that matter.

However, I still let myself be stopped from achieving by acting to the contrary.

I know that pain and pleasure are transient and occur as my consciousness reacts to an external stimulus, however I often confuse this pain and pleasure to the quality of our life.

Markets go up (pleasure), markets go down (pain)-result stress.

A life well lived and balanced by the pain and pleasure is true happiness.

A grandfather talking to his young grandson tells the boy he has two wolves inside of him, struggling with each other.

The first is the wolf of peace, love, and kindness. The other is the wolf of fear, greed, and hatred.

“Which wolf will win, grandfather?” asks the young boy. “Whichever one you feed” is the reply.

I know that if my vehicle hits another, both get damaged. However, when ego dictates driving, I forget it.

Ego and emotions have no role in good decision making, however I let my fear, greed, anger, jealousy get an upper hand damaging my own interests.

I know that 90% of my success comes from the homework that I do as that’s what sets me up for success.

What I do in the field is just the outcome of all that homework.

I know that opportunities when seized have a multiplier effect, however I let them go waste because of my inability to adapt to the situation and seizing the momentum.

I know that you do not need unlimited resources to win, just as the 5 musical notes have helped create all the music we know, the resources we have can be mobilized effectively to win what we need to.

I know that suffering is an opportunity to build strength-what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger, however I still am not able to take the risk.

The fear of failure overpowers the competence and stops me from taking the step that can me stronger.

I know that hope is not a strategy unless it’s based on what’s possible and not merely on illusions or delusions.

Optimists solve problems that a pessimist can’t.

I know that excellence is not an accident.

Hard work, perseverance, patience, all lead to excellence and all of that is a choice and not a chance.

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle

  • Sun Tzu

Not knowing is liability that can be overcome because ultimately you need to know before you take a decision to do anything.

Knowing that you don’t know is a good start

Happy Reading

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