The Curious case of Benjamin Button

Our universe began with a big bang.

The explosion stretched the very fabric of spacetime, sending superheated matter in all directions.

As it expanded, the mater cooled and started to aggregate, forming atoms, elements, star, galaxies and eventually all we see today.

However, the question remains “what was it that banged?”

According to the theories, for less than a millionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the Universe’s birth, an exotic form of matter exerted a counterintuitive force: gravitational repulsion.

Under the conditions present in the early universe, when temperatures were extraordinarily high, the existence of such a material is very likely.

It might just have been a speck, but when that speck starts to inflate, the expansion is exponential.

Universe is eternal

The Universe always existed, so there is no beginning to explain.

As the universe evolves its disorder will grow.

What we call the future is simply the direction of higher disorder and the state of lower disorder is the past.

But a curious thing happens if you take this state of low disorder and starts travelling backwards, the disorder starts to grow in that direction.

While people might not feel anything differently.

Everybody will think that they’re living from the past towards the future, except what they call the future will be what we call the past.

Benjamin Button

In the movie the curious case of Benjamin button, the lead protagonist grows backwards from being “old to young”.

It is curious indeed.

When you start something, there is disorder of a magnitude, as you evolve and grow bigger, the level of that disorder changes as circumstances become different.

So, if you go backwards, the disorder is there but you might experience it differently.

Let’s say a business founder must retrace his/her journey, the disorder the experience is the same that they experienced, however the tolerance that they might have for that same disorder might be of different level.

Some of the basic level challenges that you took in your stride when you begin might seem like intolerable inefficiencies.

You might feel, do people still have to go through this?

And the disorders that your surmounted without giving much of a thought might now seem like larger than they are and that’s exactly what would happen if you went towards a lower state of disorder in the universe.

The disorder starts growing in the same direction.

The Steps are same-the journey still seems longer

That’s why history has lessons that are eternal.

Your experiences make you who you are.

However, experiences of those who have lived through the challenges, can teach you even more.

Every time, you feel evolution has given you all the answers, hubris will come back to haunt you.

15-17 years of low interest rates and monetary solutions raised a generation that had not experienced anything different.

However, the same high deficit, combined with disrupted supply chains and war became a combustible big bang making you go back to higher rates to solve the problems for which you thought you have already found the solution.

No right/no wrong

There is no right/no wrong, only consequences and bills and bills you will have to pay.

That’s perhaps the reason you must sharpen the saw regularly even when you might not need to.

History teaches us that we need to be vigilant, not because we will avert all disasters, but perhaps we will leave through it a bit more smoothly then otherwise.

Whether, you are a businessman, a professional or an investor, you got to remember this eternal lesson and “Stay the course”.

Provided of-course that you know what that course is in the 1st place.

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